The United States Air Force Registers Trademarks For A Space In The Metaverse

As the number of organizations, businesses, and individuals who have joined the metaverse continues to expand, the aviation department of the USAF (the United States Armed Forces) has made the decision to build its own virtual world that will be used for simulation of combat training, testing of firearms and explosives. 

USAF To Have Trainings On The Metaverse 

According to a post on Twitter dated the 19th of April, Michael Kondoudis, a trademark attorney for NFTs and the metaverse, stated the USAF had submitted a trademark file for a “safe digital metaverse” dubbed SPACEVERSE.

In particular, the SPACEVERSE, according to the patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the 14th of April, 2022, is “a safe virtual platform that merges terrestrial space and digital and physical realities and offers artificial and simulated extended-reality (XR) testing, training, and operations environment.”

More Companies Enter The Metaverse 

The metaverse is a computer-generated simulated or extended reality environment in which individuals may communicate, engage, work, and play; or in the situation of the SPACEVERSE, they can develop their talents. The USAF is the first military force to show interest in the digital world. 

To emphasize this point, the proportion of virtual world and NFT-related copyright submissions filed to the USPTO increased by 421% last year alone, representing a tremendous rise from just three that were filed two years ago. Furthermore, the pattern is expected to continue far into 2022 as more opportunities continue to show up in the virtual world. 

Other Companies Invest In The Digital World

Mastercard International submitted up to fifteen fresh trademark rights to license the Mastercard logo, the “Circles” emblem, and the “Priceless” phrase, according to Finbold. This was fourteen days before the USAF filed their trademark application. With this announcement, the international payment facilitator revealed its ambitions for NFT-supported media, digital products markets, and also e-commerce operations and transaction processing in the virtual world.

According to Finbold, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, previously referred to as Facebook, has submitted multiple patent applications to enrol its logo, signaling the platform’s desire to widen into a variety of digital and virtual products, including cryptos crypto trading, crypto exchange firms, and blockchain technology.

They are followed in the area by many other companies and celebrities, including music artist Billie Eilish, oil giant Chevron, financial institutions like the New York Stock Exchange, and fast food mega-corporations such as KFC and Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Although the metaverse has not been officially launched, several organizations continue to secure a spot on the platform before the competition rises.

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