Runiverse Collaborates with Polygon for Streamlined Gaming Experience

In recent reports, Runiverse, the top gaming platform in the Metaverse, reveals a collaboration with Polygon to bring an unparalleled gaming experience to players. This announcement by the platforms marks the initial phase of Runiverse’s roadmap to introduce exciting advancements and activities to the Polygon community.

$RUNY-powered Runiverse blends blockchain gaming with cryptocurrency expertise, necessitating players to comprehend the market trends and respond accordingly for victory.

By fusing chance, tactics, and ingenuity, players can apply their crypto know-how to fast-paced and dynamic gameplay and reap actual rewards in Runiverse.

Runiverse utilizes live data from Binance, creating a play-to-earn experience where market performance dictates players’ swiftness. Additionally, holding onto Tracks NFTs and Runiverse’s Player Skins and participating in rallies enables players to earn rewards.

As a top Layer-2 scaling solution for ETH, Polygon blockchain has played a significant role in Web3, providing secure, sustainable, affordable, and scalable blockchain infrastructure.

Major industry players such as Reddit, The Walt Disney Company, Starbucks, META, and others have recently chosen Polygon as their blockchain of preference due to its low fees, fast transaction times, and interoperability with other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain and ETH.

Benefits of the Collaboration

CEO of Runiverse, Gip Cutrino, says believing that gaming extends beyond mere entertainment and has the potential to encourage blockchain adoption and innovation, the platform intends to broaden its horizons and create an innovative ecosystem that cultivates creativity and community with the backing of Polygon.

The partnership between Polygon and Runiverse demonstrates the platforms’ commitment to offering new opportunities and events to the gaming community, thus promoting the growth and adoption of Web3 gaming.

By combining the fast and low-cost transactions of Polygon’s layer two scaling solution with the exciting gameplay of Runiverse, the platforms are creating an immersive and secure gaming experience accessible to a wider audience.

The joint efforts will pave the way for more innovations in the blockchain gaming space as they strive to bring the benefits of decentralized technology to gamers worldwide.

About Polygon and Runiverse

Intending to tackle Ethereum’s scalability problems by enabling quicker and more cost-effective transactions on its sidechain, Polygon serves as a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

It provides developers with a modular framework that simplifies the building and deployment of decentralized applications. Furthermore, its staking, governance, and gas fees are facilitated by its native cryptocurrency, MATIC, which fuels the network.

As a result, Polygon has garnered substantial attention in the blockchain domain, with numerous noteworthy projects opting to launch on its network. A premier metaverse gaming platform, Runiverse, affords players the unique chance to compete against one another by utilizing real-time token market data.

With captivating tracks and a community of competitive players, the game offers a distinctive experience. In addition, players can receive rewards by participating in rallies and holding onto Runiverse’s Tracks NFTs Player Skins, which include a six percent reward from the prize pool, thereby introducing an additional level of player engagement.

Runiverse is an innovative game that merges the excitement of double-or-nothing gameplay with the security and transparency of blockchain technology. The game creates a safe and entertaining ecosystem where players can enjoy a fair gaming experience and earn rewards through skill and luck.

With the blockchain’s decentralized structure, players can be confident that their gaming assets and transactions are secure and transparent. Overall, Runiverse provides a unique and engaging gaming experience while utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology.

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