Sports Fans can now Buy Premium Seats via Dogecoin

The professional baseball team of California is once again listing a cryptocurrency for its service payments. In February, the sports entity started to accept Bitcoin for officially letting the six-person suit for the entire season. The promotion at that time enabled fans to use 1 Bitcoin for booking the premium box suit for six persons. When this happened, many were not sure if cryptocurrencies would take off.

As the team takes on Toronto Blue Jays during this month, it would be accepting Dogecoin for issuing tickets to the stadium. The news seems like a real bargain for the customers would be able to get almost 50% discounts if they decide to pay with Dogecoin.

The Sports Team using Cryptocurrencies to get a Better Response from the Fans and Spectators

The ongoing pandemic has made it impossible for people to consider attending sports events and stadiums. However, the Oakland Athletics, also known as A’s, are using cryptocurrency popularity to attract the attention of American sports fans. The team has had a rich history and has also been featured in the Hollywood blockbuster “Moneyball” in 2011. The fans that would be making the tough call to attend the game could get their infield tickets for only 100 Dogecoin.

At the moment, Dogecoin is valued at $0.43. It seems like the price of the coin has been appreciating slowly but steadily. The fans would be able to make the transactions using Bitpay, and tickets would be issued on the MLB Ballpark mobile app digitally. The average cost for the two-seat plaza pods is about $80. Yet, crypto buyers can book for a huge discount.

The meme cryptocurrency that started as a joke has been adopted in mainstream finance and offers higher utility to its holders. At just a $0.43 price point, the digital currency’s market cap has reached $57 billion. This impressive evaluation is higher than automotive brands like Honda Motor Corporation at $52.9 billion and Ford Motors at $46 billion. 

There is a common notion in the market that Dogecoin, like a digital asset, does not pose an intrinsic value. However, the altcoin has left behind the leading stablecoin Tether (USDT), which is standing at $52 billion with a price mark of $1 per unit. Twitter that has a worldwide active user base of 330 million, is also overtaken by the Dogecoin market cap. After a 663% upsurge in a month, Dogecoin has leaped over the Twitter market cap of $43 billion. 

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