Genesis11 Review – Is Genesis11 Scam or a Recommended Trading Platform?

Genesis11 Review

Genesis11 logoIn this Genesis11 review, I will layout its pros and cons and how it can change your life. You can live a luxurious and happy life only by trading assets online. In achieving your goal, Genesis11 helps a lot by providing tools and techniques.

If you have made up your mind to join the trading industry and earn money online, then you have made a good decision. This industry is responsible for the rich lifestyle of unlimited people. This is your turn to enjoy the benefits of online trading at a low hard work as all other businesses in the world require a lot of hard work.

How is Genesis11 Different from other Trading Brokers? 

In a lot of things, Genesis11 is different from its competitor trading platforms, but one thing that inspires me about it is the functionality of customer support. Reviews found online also show that it is one of the top brokerage firms out there when it comes to the facility of customer services. Second, it is a regulated entity that ensures the trust of traders and investors and convinces them to invest in a wide array of assets utilizing the trading platform of Genesis11.

Its focus on privacy and security is another edge over other trading platforms as privacy and security are the fundamental rights of users. Its user interface is also well established and outstanding in all perspectives.

Genesis11 website

Wide Array of Trading Instruments

As you know, it is a versatile trading platform, and it deals will all kinds of instruments, including Forex, cryptocurrency, ETFs, metals, indices, and stocks. Out of these general trading entities, only a few assets are chosen for you, which can help you to earn big money during the process of trading.

Cryptocurrency is a charming term that refers to both Bitcoin and altcoins. Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency by both market cap and market price. In the last yearly performance, it has beaten even major assets in the traditional finance world. Major investment companies and a few tech companies have invested a lot of money in the leading crypto asset. A large institutional inflow of money brought price value to the new highs and market cap to above $1 trillion. More and more investors are coming to the top cryptocurrency by seeing its high potential. Some people are comparing it with the gold bullion due to its top-notch feature of the hedging instrument. For example, few asset management companies reportedly dumped gold for Bitcoin as they believe it is the new gold. Not only companies but retail investors are also interested in buying the top digital asset.

Forex also attracts millions of traders worldwide on a daily basis. The forex market involves exchanging or trading the world’s top fiat currencies, such as the US dollar. Reputable trading pairs are involved against these fiat currency pairs. As per the current market data, the daily trading volume of the Forex market reaches trillions of dollars.

Gold is also available for trading, which involves a market cap of trillions of dollars, and there is high liquidity in the gold market. Besides gold, silver is also available at the service of traders for trading. These precious metals perform their functions at the time of the market crash in the financial markets.

Stock trading is famous because, in this type of trading, investors play with stocks of famous companies in the world. Usually, the stocks are affected by the growth of companies and fundamental news, which normally circulate in the market. For example, a stock goes upward when the company shows growth. This is how stock trading works, and an experienced trader can make millions of dollars on it.

Protection of Users’ Funds

When traders decide to trade on the platform of Genesis11, the team of the trading firm takes full responsibility for customers’ money. Funds are very precious to users; therefore, the company has built strong security walls in order to make capital safe and sound. It is impossible to breach the security of funds as standards of security protocols are highly updated and advanced in nature.

It also mentioned on the platform that there is no compromise on users’ funds at all as it is the major priority of the trading firm. Since its foundation, it has not faced any type of event in which users lose their funds. High priority on the security of funds is one of the major features of Genesis11. Your money is placed in segregated third party financial entities, and they use state-of-the-art encryption protocols to preserve all of your funds and sensitive data safe and sound.

Privacy is Also a Major Priority

In terms of customers’ privacy, it also involved in the list of brokers that pay full attention to users’ privacy. Privacy of traders and investors is the first level priority of the trading firm. When you go through the signup page, they ask you only the personal information rather than a long detail of personal information. As it is complied with know your customer (KYC) so, it asks things that are needed to satisfy the terms and conditions of KYC policy. I know the worth of personal information as anyone in the online world can easily manipulate people’s sensitive information. Keeping in mind the worth of the people sensitive information, Genesis11 make all the changes in the software of the trading platform. Even the staff of the broker does not have access to the personal data of customers unless there is an important purpose.

Education of Traders

This world has one problem, and that is a lack of true education. People are facing hundreds of problems all around the world due to the unequal distribution of educational awareness. With education, one can do an impossible thing. The same is the case with the trading world; educated traders and investors can probe out unlimited opportunities from the online trading universe. Education tells how to specify bad assets and good assets out of hundreds of instruments present out there. Education teaches traders when to leave or when to enter crypto or forex markets without facing a kind of loss. It also determines the success ratio of trading. If an uneducated trader is making $10,000, then an educated trader could make up to $20,000 on the same investment.

How to be an educated trader? One should not worry about that as Genesis11 has rolled out the education section, which encompasses all necessary things that are crucial to gain knowledge about the trading world. One comes in this sector as a newcomer but comes out as a professional trader after gaining knowledge about each and every important thing of the industry.

Education is only for those who want to gain a piece of deep knowledge about the trading industry and its different avenues. However, professional traders can also learn from the trading academy of Genesis11.

First of all, they have presented users with a trading glossary where explanation and definitions about each and everything, necessary for trading, is available. Explanations even about the most difficult terms of trading are written there.

FAQ section includes the most frequently asked questions about Genesis11 and its trading features and functionalities. You can know how to deposit funds or withdraw money as step by step procedure is outlined there. Even information about the trading platform is also present.

In the last section, there come videos and webinars for traders. Sometimes, video help in delivering a more clear message than the written text. Thus, the website has listed helping videos in a vast majority. You can get a detail thing about a specific term or a thing that is the source of disturbance for you. The webinar is another efficient source of knowledge for traders and investors all over the world.

Trading Platforms

In trading platforms, there comes only Web Trader. It is designed in such a way that people can satisfy all of their needs and requirements by using it. On Web trader, there is no restriction of a device as it can work on any type of device, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop, or computer. The given trading platform is well equipped with all types of modern and state-of-the-art features that provide a gateway towards a successful trading career. Real-time data and trading signals are also available to help in the trading mechanisms. Moreover, you can open the trading platform of Genesis11 wherever you go as it does not put any restriction on a specific location or region.

Genesis11 trading platform

Procedure To Start Trading With Genesis11

There is a very easy-to-go process when a user makes up his mind to start trading the world’s renowned assets. As soon as he lands on the homepage of the Genesis11’s platform the button showing the sign up option pops out on the front.

First of all, you will have to introduce yourself to the platform and informing them about your sensitive data such as email, phone number, first name, and last name. A strong password plays a good role in security so you should make a password that defies all attempts of guessing thus strengthening the account security further. It is free advice for you that if a broker asks more than this information at the signup time, you should avoid it and go forward as it is not made for you. On the contrary, Gensis11 is determined to follow its rules and conditions that are set at the start of its operation. One should be aware of the fact that it does not demand more than the above-mentioned sensitive information.

You will think about choosing an investment plan out of five given account types in the next step. I will tell a brief thing about these account types in the coming section. For now, keep in mind that you should go for the investment plan, which seems best to you.

In the third stage, you need to activate your wallet account by depositing money. For money deposit, the company has given many payment methods which are reliable and authentic and do not charge much on transactions. You have to add funds depending on the minimum deposit limit of a particular account type that you have selected for trading.

Lastly, you are now capable of trading instruments using the broker’s trading platform and utilizing its functionalities.  The trading process is also very simple, like many other things on the website. Guide information is outlined when the company mentions new things about it. Even after the guidance, if you face difficulty, you can contact the support team of it that will help in making things simple from the complex.

Supportive Customer Care Service

The broker’s customer support section is aligned with terms and conditions, which it has explained on its policy page. I needed help many times while I was trading with the broker, and every time I got a positive and immediate response from the support team of the trading company. Other existing users on the website also pass on positive thought about it when I ask a few of them about how its customer support works. The staff members, who are handling the customer service, are professional and have years of experience in giving professional customer support service to users. There are many ways to connect with the support team of the company. First, they connect with support staff by going into the “Contact Us” section. Similarly, an email address is also given. Moreover, the FAQ section also helps you in finding answers to many questions.

Algo Trading

When we talk about Algo trading, we are not talking about normal trading as algorithmic trading works on technology principles where trades executive in the minimal proposed time. In crypto trading, algo trading suits the best as the price values of cryptocurrencies move up and down in a short period of time. Algorithmic trading works parallel with abrupt changing price values of digital assets such as Bitcoin and other famous cryptocurrencies. This method of trading instruments opens up new avenues of opportunities to traders and investors all over the world. A lot of traders have taken the benefits of algo trading, and they have had a wonderful experience.

Five Investment Plans for Genesis11 Users

I hinted above that the firm had made five different account types with different qualities. These investment plans differ depending on the amount of deposit, which they have set as a deposit limit. In the eyes of financial market experts, offering different kinds of investment plans makes a friendly environment for investors and traders belonging to all circles of life in terms of money. The silver investment plan is truly made for new entries, while the VIP account is established for those who are highly experienced in the trading world. The experienced people should go for either a signature plan or a VIP plan.

Silver Plan

It is a starter package, but it provides all the basic facilities, which are necessary to perform trading operations on the part of newcomers. The minimum deposit limit for the Silver account stands at 10,000. What’s more, the customer support is functional 24/5, while traders can also enjoy one to one basic training from the staff of the company. Similarly, trading news helps in understanding the markets in a better way.

Gold Plan

Gold is the second account that starts with a minimum deposit level of 25,000. The facility of basic education is also at the service of traders and investors, which prove very helpful in the procedure of trading different types of instruments. VIP desk of the broker contact the account holders and provide ten signals on a monthly basis. Furthermore, the minimum lot trading size stands at 0.01 while it goes up to a maximum of 100 lots trading size.

Platinum Plan

Platinum is the third investment plan in a row that has features, which are more technically updated than the silver and gold accounts. Access to a personal account manager gives you a feeling of professionalism as he provides assistance in trading different kinds of instruments. It also places a friendly hand on the fees and commissions when traders make their minds to withdraw their money. There is also a credit line for premium trading events.

Signature Plan

A signature account is somewhat premium in nature as its minimum deposit limit is 250,000, which is a bit high amount. In the Signature investment plan, two features, including the education centre and one to one basic account, are prominent. Other features of Genesis11 involve insured contracts, 1:300 leverage, private banking, personal sessions with market analyst, no withdrawal fees, swap commission, minimal trading fees, daily signals from the VIP desk, unlimited lots of trading size, unlimited 365 trading dashboard, and 24/5 customer support.

VIP Plan

As the name shows, the VIP plan is made for VIP customers who are owners of the bank accounts having millions of dollars. These millionaire and billionaire investors have to add at least 1,000,000 and can be opened on invitation only.


Genesiss11 is a versatile trading company that makes things easy for newcomers and also satisfies professional customers’ needs. Existing users or traders who used it have positive views regarding Genesis11 and its unlimited range of trading instruments.

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