eBay Now Permits NFTs Sales For Digital Collectibles

World’s biggest e-commerce market, eBay, has unveiled another astonishing aspect of embracing Non-Fungible Tokens sales via its platform. In a report released by Reuters, it was disclosed in the market on 11th of May, 2021, that eBay has now permitted the sale of NFTs and assured publically about the standards to meet the customers’ demand. It was made clear that, unlike the other Platform which accepts crypto assets to bid on NFTs, eBay will be dealing and offering NFTs services of physical items and payments to be paid in the form of United States dollars (physical cash). It is important to note that a week before this thrilling news, Chief Executive Officer of eBay, Jaime Iannone via CNBC, also shared the news in vague words that the firm is searching and looking for efficient ways to inculcate NFTs onto the platform. eBay had already announced a couple of weeks ago about accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for payment solutions, and adding NFTs was part of the plan, which is now finally announced and operationalized.

Jordan Sweetnam, the general manager and vice president of the region of North American market, has also commented on the decision and said that it is just another cellular part of a larger plan, as the firm is also looking for innovative ways of expansion, as formerly cryptocurrency was adopted for the payments solutions, now the NFTs incorporation has declared publically. And, in the coming time company is going to add blockchain tech. and collectables to the eBay platform.

According to the report shared by Reuters, it was mentioned clearly that only those customers would be entertained for the aforementioned new feature who meet the criteria set by eBay to list the NFTs collectables. The company seems to be more optimistic and futuristic in the sense that representatives shared that eBay is looking forward to expanding the business, services, tools and policies regarding digital collectables in the coming time.

eBay has proven itself as a reliable, convenient, concerning, and, more importantly, a promising company as it claims what it says. It has maintained its reputation by transforming its ideas and innovations into reality. Three years ago company disclosed its intentions about inculcating cryptocurrency into the business, and a couple of weeks back, it announced officially about accepting Bitcoin for payments along with the innovative idea to incorporate NFTs, which has been announced today. Now the company is looking forward to further expand and enhance the business and its services in the coming time, and the crypto industry is looking forward to it.

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