BTC And ADA Are Going Head-to-Head As Institutional Interest Grows

ADA, the native cryptocurrency of Cardano, has gripped the crypto world by storm. Recent reports and surveys suggest that out of the total investors involved in polling, 30% of them are bullish in association with Cardano whereas, 20% of the investors taking part in polling are bullish in association with Bitcoin.

Cardano rising high continuously

Following the same surveys and reports, which were organized and managed systematically, disclose that Cardano recorded a record high, with the estimated trading volume close to $20 billion.

The recent success temporarily made Cardano the 4th largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap. However, Cardano didn’t ride the success wave long as it is currently back to 6th position.

The progress made by ADA is extraordinary, as not only the crypto community but the investors are in shock as well. Steve Ehrlich, Chief executive officer of Voyager, concurred the point that Cardano surpassed Bitcoin even for a short-term was astonishing.

The CEO continued with his statement, expressing the kind of enthusiasm and passion witnessed is sought after in the cryptocurrency and digital trading world. Henceforth, the chief executive officer is looking ahead to witness how other competitors react and what technological advancement they could bring.

Bitcoin is still the most desired cryptocurrency

The gradual rise of Cardano’s interest and popularity is commendable as such. However, various leading venture funds believe Cardano’s ADA has not yet reached the appeal of Bitcoin, which is still the most desired cryptocurrency because of that several venture funds choose Bitcoin compared to Cardano’s ADA.

Nevertheless, Cardano ought not to be underestimated because of the success, which the cryptocurrency has achieved over a long time. An investor who utilized a government-issued stimulus check of $1200 on Cardano’s ADA was able to net $40,000.

At last, this is the result of the ever-expanding popularity of cryptocurrencies in society, and various sources signify this trend is here to stay for the conceivable future.

Bitcoin can be, thought of as the undeniable ruler of the cryptocurrency market. Its excessive pricing has caused many to look in the other direction presented in the way of altcoins. Some of the popular altcoins in the market are ADA, DOT, LINK, and ETH.

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