More Depression Forthcoming for Crypto Economy, Including Bitcoin

It is very often that when a year is expiring, the crypto economy gets a boost and gains a commendable price increase. However, it isn’t happening in 2021. As a matter of fact, the crypto economy is dwindling, including Bitcoin. Crypto supporters are hoping against the hope and their frustrations could become more severe in the coming times.

According to many experts, more depression into the crypto economy is forthcoming which would engulf Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold, and the real estate sector. This is the viewpoint of Robert Kiyosaki as well, who is the writer of the book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Kiyosaki is expecting that the crypto-economy crash is near which will increase the depression of crypto supporters. He is concerned that the crash will simultaneously affect not only crypto but also the Gold and the real estate sector as well. He believes that the main reason for the possible crypto crash is because of artificial inflation created by the existing US Government.

He commented that Bitcoin is the driving force behind the crypto economy. However, the sword of regulation and inflation is being used to curtail its potential growth and value surges. He argued that Bitcoin’s weekly and monthly gains are going into negative i.e. -0.17% and -21.65% respectively. He then discussed Ethereum to point out that as compared to Bitcoin, Ehtereum is more equipped with the power to resist. However, artificial inflation and the debate over regulations are creating hurdles in the path of Ethereum. After making phenomenal gains throughout the year, Ethereum’s monthly and weekly performance show negative results.

Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum’s monthly performance is -10% while its weekly performance chart shows negative results of -4.46%. He argued further that Ethereum had successfully gone past US$ 500 Billion market capitalization which was almost 50% of Bitcoin’s. As of today, however, the market cap is under US$ 500 Billion i.e. US$ 494 Billion.

Kiyosaki hasn’t been predicting only cryptocurrencies. He had in fact made predictions about the future scenarios of the US Government. He believes that President Biden will be sent home soon and Kamala Harris will be put in his place.

In the past 4 months, Kiyosaki had made several predictions and most of them had been on the spot. Lastly, he predicted that the US economy would move into depressions, which is now apparent. However, he is being very optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies after the inflation phase.

He told his followers on Twitter that investors shouldn’t stop themselves on the basis of apprehensions. He told further that at least he would be buying more Bitcoins for himself. He also informed me that he would be bringing more Ether coins to his personal stash. He insisted that for a long-term strategy basis, Bitcoin and Ethereum investors should regain confidence back and start investing.

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